It's the second year on the job and I've been promoted to Senior Resident Assistant. Even with a promotion I am not an expert, I am constantly learning and growing. I take suggestions on how to improve if you have them. Now, let the story continue!

If Martha Stewart was a Resident Assistant...

A notebook of things I want to do, have done, or wish I could do as a Resident Assistant

Last night we had a building wide Pamper Party!

We had a great turn out of about 21 people. We made organic face masks and body scrubs. We also had a mani/pedi station. I did this program last year as well and both times people have had a great time.

It’s a pretty easy program to put on and you can have great conversations about the cosmetic industry, sustainability, and knowing what you put in and on your body to ensure a healthy life.

"I’m not crazy, I’m just an RA" ~ Me to my boss today during a 1:1

I received a birthday card from Tumblr today! Haha, this blog is now officially two years old :)

A lot has changed in these two years.

I am really proud of this flyer I made for my upcoming hall event. 

I am hosting a Milk and Cookies night. We are going to watch the movie Milk and eat cookies. Then engage in a dialog about LGBTQ* rights and activism.

Check it out » Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation

Here is a pretty good article explaining the difference between “appropriation” and a “cultural exchange” — doesn’t make you feel too guilty by the end and really explains the heart of why appropriation isn’t okay. 

This article could easily be turned into a bulletin board or conversation to have in the hall and with your residents. 

This is my March Silent Program…. and I think it looks AWESOME! 

On February 13, 2014 Facebook began allowing users to customize their gender, no longer confining people to a binary system. This opens a conversation about gender preference, PGPs, and what does it mean to have a spectrum of genders. 

My silent program was inspired by THIS article from the Washington Post, which broke down the various gender options. Terms are defined by the Gender Equity Resource Center at UC Berkeley. 

I’m really hoping residents will respond well to this month’s silent program.

In our Large Staff Meeting on Monday we had a team builder where we made a “quilt” square defining what community means to us. Then all of the square will be added together to make a Community Quilt. 

Each RA got a 12x12 scrapbook piece of paper and got to decorate it however she would like. Here is mine :)

I love all the coffee love on my white board. 

Thank you Jeanette :)

Why work on homework when you can make Valentine’s? 

The first three photos are Valentines with chocolates for my residents. The second two photos are Valentines for members of my staff team. I love this holiday, and being an RA pretty much calls for this type of crafting…. so I’m not going to complain.