This is my third and final year on the job. I will continue to be Senior Resident Assistant, but this time for the First-Year Community! Even with a promotion I am not an expert, I am constantly learning and growing. I take suggestions on how to improve if you have them. Now, let the adventure continue!

If Martha Stewart was a Resident Assistant...

A notebook of things I want to do, have done, or wish I could do as a Resident Assistant

Even though we’re all adults… people still enjoy getting a special little something to celebrate the start of a new school year!

My hall theme is “Vintage CA Surfer” so their goody bag included some sand, a sea shell and yummy salt water taffy! 

Hope everyone is having a totally tubular start to the school year! 

Here is a sample of my decorations for this semester! 
Theme: Vintage CA Surf

During SRA training we had to make door tags for another SRA and so I made one for Ashley and made her a wordle from words found in a magazine. Don’t want to toot my own horn, but I think this is a pretty kick-butt awesome door tag!

Look at this really cool name tag my AC made for another AC in like 30 minutes by cutting out various pieces of scrapbook paper to make a hamburger. How cool is my boss’ door tag making skills?

On my hall we don't have a bulletin board. Do you know of any other creative ways to put up announcements? Sincerely, kayla-jean


So, I’m not sure if you’re allowed to tape on the wall (I’m assuming if it’s painter’s tape it is fine). If you use butcher paper cut off a big sheet and add a title “Announcements” then update it with upcoming events. 

We have to have a monthly hall calendar, so I typically combine the two. 
I will put the month title up, then use post-it notes for the days (one for each day) and write events on the appropriate date and put the flyers for announcements around the calendar. 

You definitely do not need an actual cork board to still make a bulletin board. Just make sure you’re using painters tape so that way you don’t put holes in the wall or take off the tape. You can also use cardboard teacher/classroom borders to finish the edges if you want it to look more official. 

Next week I start my 3rd year of RA training…

… who else is about to start RA training? How are ya’ll feeling?

This face is my emotion during a lot of RA training… just saying

(Source: blair-essentials)

Donations for Programs

Good morning wonderful RAs

I have a question: have you ever successfully received donations for a hall program from outside businesses?
If so, how did you do it and what were the donations?

Hey there, I'm new to your blog and came across it since I will be a new RA this fall. I wanted to go through your blog so I could get some inspiration and came across a post where you were asking other RA's for advice on what to put on your resume when it came to describing what you do as an RA. Did you get an feedback? I'm working on my resume and was wondering how to put what I will do into words Sincerely, charmingchandu

Hey There!

I did get some feedback, and since then have also spoken with my boss and the career center to describe what I do as an RA. I’m also an SRA so there are some supervisory skills on my resume as well. Here is what I have put down for my RA job:

  • Advocate student needs and concerns to college administration
  • Act as a liaison between students and campus resources
  • Administer and schedule bi-monthly staff meetings
  • Create and manage monthly content marketing campaigns to address student concerns regarding community and social justice
  • Manage a $400 budget to develop and facilitate bi-monthly community development programs
  • Presented workshop on social media use at annual regional conference
  • Keynote Speaker at for 2013 Northern RAP — an annual conference for students in Residential Life
  • Mentors and supervises 10 Resident Assistants on staff
  • Maintain professionalism and confidentiality when dealing with residents

Is there something specific you feel is really awesome that you do that you wish you could put on your resume?  Also, reach out to your boss after a month or so on the job and ask him/her how she would present the job on the resume :)